Love MeditationLove Meditation

Love meditation is an exercise that allows love to flow from within our own hearts. When we focus our attention on the love that  is already inside of us we become liberated.  When we are liberated, we are free. For some of us, love is not easy to give or receive. Through love meditation it becomes possible to open the channels of love and share it with the world.

Live with an Open Heart

What does it mean to have an open heart? I believe it means that we are willing to love people. As long as we are willing to do something, we are in a position to actually do it. When we become willing to love others, we become willing to love ourselves as well. When we see a person we don’t like and remember that we are now willing to love them, they suddenly become different to us. Instead of a burden, or something to be discontent about. they become a potential friend. To live with an open heart means to not put labels on other people because of what they might believe. It is far too often that I see people becoming upset with other people because they have a different belief than their own. Love is a common thread throughout most of the cultures of the world.

Guided Love Meditation

In the book I present a guided love meditation. I also touch on the topic of the heart chakra. The guided meditation is a beautiful illustration of how the universe works within us all and loves each one of us. It also illustrates that this power is always there, always around us, always ready to listen to us. For those of you that doubt, I encourage you to just give it a try and open your hear. Do some chakra meditation and open your chakras. Focus on your heart chakra for a while, then do the guided meditation exercise. After the meditation exercise, when you are back in the world, try looking at the people around you and looking for the things about them that are love. You may be surprised at how much more you see after you connect with your own inner love.