The Power of a Dog

The power of a dog is immeasurable. There may be many people who disagree with this. Not everybody likes dogs. For some folks, dogs invoke fear and fear is uncomfortable. As for me, I love dogs. I believe it is a blessing to be able to love these creatures because they bring me so much joy. It is my hope to share this joy with you and anybody else that may happen upon this blog. Dogs are amazing. Having a few around makes life a lot better.

Shadow the BooThe Power of a Dog

Shadow was our little Cocka Poo. We found her on Craig’s List for free in 2008. She was about 30 pounds and a bundle of happy energy. Shadow absolutely loved everybody. She did this little thing where she would stand up on her hind legs while moving her little front legs up and down. She would get so excited she couldn’t contain herself then break out into this dance. It melted our hearts to see her do this. She was so cute.  We called her “Shadow the Boo.”

The Healer

Our little Shadow came into the picture at a very crucial time of healing in our lives. I had been out of prison for around three years and was just beginning to think like a human. Our kids, Zac & Kara, were going to school and turning into teenagers. Shadow was sort of a weirdo that kept us laughing. Her spirit was so powerful she could bring us out of the tension in life and pull us right into her happy energy. She was happy. Shadow the Boo loved us, and we loved her.

The Magic

When we meditate the goal is to pull our mind from worldly distractions into a place of peace. Shadow, although we had no idea at the time, had the power to pull our thoughts away from the world. We could live in the moment with her. I will rephrase that. Shadow became an outlet that allowed us to focus our thoughts upon and take a break from the world. She became a physical mantra in any given moment that cultivated blissful serenity. Focusing on something that you love, without distraction, is a type of magic meditation.

Pure Love

Many religious establishments say that animals don’t have souls. Where they get this idea, I don’t know. St. Francis of Assisi used to perform sermons for all types of animals including birds and horses. He believed very strongly that all animals not only had souls but had a very close relationship with the Spirit. I believe this too. I don’t know of any other being on this planet that will love you no matter how you treat them. Most dogs will love you and be loyal to you even if you beat them and leave them outdoors to freeze or swelter in the heat. They are totally absent of ego and pride. They are perfect role models for us as human beings.

The Gift

Being able to see the heart of a dog is a true gift. Of course, just like people, none of them are perfect. Some have been raised poorly and act aggressively, some are stubborn, some are not trainable. However, when you gain the friendship of a dog you gain a true friend. They don’t care how dumb you looked in front of everybody, how bad you messed up at work, how awful you smell. They don’t care if you bombed your test, or let down your family, or didn’t do good enough. None of those things matter to them. They love you and will allow you to love yourself just the way you are. That is the gift and the power of a dog. If you have one, you are blessed. If not…go rescue one from the pound.