Meditation to Release Fear

Practice meditation to release fear regularly. In doing so it becomes habit and you learn to release it as it comes. I understand that this may sound far fetched, but it does work. We may never get to a point where we do not feel any fear, but we can catch it as it arises and see it for what it is through meditation. Doing this gives us strength to stand our ground when our fear begins to turn into panic. Being aware of fear as an emotion and not a fact helps us to push through scary situations when we want to walk away, or freeze.Meditation to Release Fear

Courage Resides Within

Trust in the concept that for every drop of fear you have inside, you have two drops of courage. All you have to do is decide which fountain you want to focus on. Many people confuse courage with anger. They believe that if they allow the anger to flow forward it gives them the strength to smash through the fear. Although anger is a powerful energy, it is not courage. Courage is a beautiful, positive strength and anger is an ugly, negative weakness. In the moment of intense fear, choose the calm voice inside that leads you with logic and understanding. When you feel fear, instead of reacting with intense emotion relax and breathe. Allow the Wisdom of the times to guide you towards the right thing to do. Face the fear with a smiling, calm heart and trust that the power to go forward is right inside of you always.

Healthy Fear

All of us have, or at least should have, a good amount of healthy fear within us. A good example is when we are driving and we avoid an accident. Our adrenaline increases to give us a boost of energy and mental clarity to focus. In an instant we are completely focused on the solution that will save our life and nothing else. Having healthy fear is good. This kind of fear will allow you to run away from a charging bear and not try to fight it with your bare hands. This fear appears out of thin air when needed, then slowly dissipates when the situation seems safe again.

Unhealthy Fear

Unhealthy fear is when we become gripped with fear or panic for no reason. A lot of people always have a faint hint of the feeling of fear just under the surface. Just a little, but enough to keep the body tense and the mind distracted. This constant fear is known as anxiety. Constant anxiety leads to depression and health risks. Unhealthy fear causes a lot of problems. It is as if you are constantly being chased by the bear, or avoiding an accident where the adrenaline remains full throttle where there is no danger at all. Waking up in the middle of a slumber and not being able to go back to sleep because of fear of things that are not even present at the time is frustrating. All of these things are results of unhealthy fear that needs to be addressed.

Be Consistent

In the practice of meditation do yourself a favor and always be consistent. Take at least a few minutes a day to get in touch with the healing power within you. Whatever it is that you like to call it, connect with it. I call it my Higher Power. Some people call it God. What you call it is up to you and no matter what anybody else tells you, it is right because it comes from you. Take time each day and connect to your higher self through meditation where you take your mind away from the material things of this world and just be. Pulling the mind and senses away from the things that hold you down will free you and give you space between your fears and your true self.