Daily MeditationDaily Meditation

Over the course of the last few years, I have learned the importance of daily meditation. I am pretty sure without it I would have never been able to write a book. Meditation has taught me how to bring stillness into my mind, and courage into my heart. Who would ever have thought that sitting in silence for a half-hour a day would bring so much power into life?

True Meditation

What is true meditation? This question is only a matter of perspective. Some people find the most powerful meditation while they jog. Some find it while sitting in silence. Some find it in a room full of other meditators. When I meditate I make it a point to connect with the Spirit within me who I believe is my true self. I believe that this true self is the very essence of God as I understand God to be. What if God is connected to every single living being in this Universe? The things we see, know, and feel are all part of the divine. Every eye that sees, every mind that thinks is God and all things are of Him or Her. What I believe to be true meditation is when I fully connect with the divine.

Life Meditation

In every moment we breathe and live we can practice meditation by facing our fears. What is it that holds you back from achieving your goals? When we step up to face our roadblocks in life we practice a type of meditation. When we feel the fear of failure, but we move forward any way we are standing up to the part of us that wants to quit. When we move forward with a little prayer for strength and overcome our fears we grow stronger. If we commit to daily meditation we instill the power of the universe into our own hearts and connect with God in all of our tasks. This is how practicing daily meditation becomes all-powerful.