About the Healing Power Within

About The Healing Power Within: A powerful guide to self-healing, with guided meditation exercises, energizing meditation techniques, chakra healing and spirit lifting self-love meditations.

My name is Jon Rosier. I wrote this book in hopes to spread awareness of the true power within each and every one of us. It is an ongoing project that will continue as long as I am able to keep it going.

The words in this book come from my heart. The experiences I have had in this life led me on the path that I travel today. My knowledge comes from many powerful books from all cultures. My wisdom comes from decades of the school of life. I spent most of my youth in and out of prisons because I was unwilling to stop using drugs and telling lies. I lied to everyone around me. The person I lied to the most was myself. Because of this I caused a lot of problems.

This book is not about me, though. This book is about positive changes and healing. The Healing Power Within is a step towards freedom. The freedom it brings is in the form of self-discovery. I have learned that the most important relationship anybody has is the one with their own self. If we are able to love and accept ourselves as who we truly are, we find freedom.

The mind is an extremely powerful thing. If it is conditioned to cultivate hatred and fear, it will do so. Relentlessly. If we allow our minds to dwell on the negative sides of everything we see, our thoughts will naturally be negative. The things we feel will be negative as well. If we condition or minds to focus on the positive sides of every thing we see, we will tend to be more positive. It takes a lot of practice and commitment to reverse the negative thought flow, but it is possible with meditation.

The guided meditation techniques in this book are merely parts to a much larger whole. They are illustrations of the source that resides in all of us. Meditation allows us to connect with that source and become part of that whole. When we do this we unleash the healing power within our own bodies that has the power to give us ultimate freedom.

I did not learn to think like this overnight. It took many years of self-searching to even begin to believe this way. At one time I was an extremely selfish person. I was blinded by my own self-will as I groped and stumbled through life like a zombie. The power I found within my own spirit enabled me to become awake and aware. By becoming aware I was able to see the chains that had bound me for so many years and begin to free myself from them, one by one. I want to share this healing power with everyone, so I have written this book in hopes to change the world and make it a better place. If all I change is myself, it will be worth every minute of work I put into this because by changing me, I am changing the world.