Face Your Fear

What better way to meditate than to actually face your fear? Science has proven that it is possible to re-wire the neuropathways of the brain and become free from crippling anxiety. I don’t mean to go out and wrestle a bear or try to make a pet out of a rattlesnake. If you are willing to take steps towards facing your fears in order to free yourself of anxiety, keep reading.Face your fear

Say Hello

How often do you find yourself in the midst of strangers? Do you ever have an urge to say “hello” to somebody, but don’t do it because you are afraid to? Maybe the dialogue in your head tells you that the person does not want to hear from you or to be bothered. What if when you have the urge to say something, it is the universe nudging you to engage?  Sometimes life has a way of bringing things to us at the time we need it most. Maybe by saying a few words to a stranger that you are drawn to would help both of you in some cosmic way that only God understands.


Have you ever been to a dance party and wanted to join the fun, but you were afraid? The next time this happens, do yourself a huge favor and just do it. Dance. Pull yourself out on that dance floor and get busy with the funky jive you know you want to partake in. Be yourself and feel the freedom. If you meditate to release fear and proceed to take action towards facing your fears this becomes a powerful combination of tools to combat anxiety and fear.

Be Yourself

Too many people today try so hard to be something that they are not. It is easy to seek approval of others, but the real jewel is to gain the approval of your own self. Approval from other people is not necessary for the process of spiritual growth because only YOU know the true perspective of YOU. When you meditate in order to find balance and freedom, the only person that really matters is you. Although we all may be connected, it is up to us as individuals to find our true selves and be exactly what that is in order to become free.