Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation


Chakra meditation does not have to be as complicated as most make it out to be. The truth is that there are so many views about the chakras it is very confusing when you try to find a straight answer. Are they real? Which way do they spin? How big are they? The answers to all of these questions all depend on your perspective.

Planes of Conciousness

If we look at the chakras as planes of existence, instead of wheels of energy they begin to take a new form. Yes, they are wheels of energy that are located up and down the spine, but they are also levels of consciousness. The higher you live your life on these levels, the higher your spiritual connection becomes.

You can think of it as where your mind is focused the most. When we live in lower levels of consciousness we tend to live life more on the material mode where we rely on outside sources to feel O.K. This is the plane of existence where we believe that money, a good job, stability, and material wealth are the things that we need so we spend a lot of energy seeking them.

The higher levels of consciousness are where we begin to seek a connection with the universal force that connects all of us. Whether you call this God, or Buddha, Allah, or whatever, it is what you believe to be the source and that is all that matters. The power is within you, and this is what the book is all about.

Guided Chakra Meditation

When you meditate on the chakras it is important to check in with each one as you climb the levels of consciousness. Each chakra has a specific purpose that adds value to your being. Regard each one with compassion and love. Spend a moment with every chakra when you meditate on them.

There is a full guided meditation in my book The Healing Power Within. Memorize the technique so that you can sit quietly and do it. There is power in silence without distractions. The more you identify with your own chakras, the more you can feel them at work.

Your Healing Power

All of the healing power you could ever wish for is already within you. It is always with you. It will not ever elude you. There may be circumstances in life that seem unfair, and not able to heal at times. Keep in mind that healing is not always of the physical kind. Our bodies deteriorate and fail us, but our spirits never fail. Sometimes they struggle in this plane of existence. If we focus on the lower planes of consciousness we usually end up suffering. If we strive to live within the higher planes we see things differently and begin to heal in the way we need most. It is all your choice. The power is within you.