Guided MeditationGuided Meditation

Guided meditation is a technique for people who need help and guidance with meditation. For many people it is extremely difficult to sit quietly for a little while. With the help of a plan, or an audio guide, meditation can go a little easier. At first, meditation can seem impossible to do. Thankfully, there is a way to ease into meditation by way of guidance.

For Beginners

Meditation is a way of freeing the mind from all distractions and drawing the senses away from the material world. Eknath Easwaran, the author of Passage Meditation explains this on a deeper level in his books. Because of this, guided meditation is only recommended for beginners. In order to reach the deeper places of true meditation it is important to train the mind to sit alone in silence long enough to detach from the material world. In the first stages of awakening it is good to start with some guidance in order to prime the thought process for true, quality meditation.

Loving Guidance

The Healing Power Within has several powerful guided meditation exercises. Each one will help guide you and train your mind to become more still. Every word of each sentence is a manifestation of love and compassion. The exercises are designed to connect the meditator to the loving power within us all that ultimately connects all of us together.

The Power Within

We are all empowered by a force within. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this power. The only way to truly tap into it is to be aware of it. When we learn to be mindful of our own energy, we are able to observe it. This is where the secret lies. Being aware of our own power. Once we become aware of our own power, and we observe it, we can use it. With the guided meditations in this book you can get things started by taking a look at your own power and becoming familiar with it. When you form a relationship with your own power your life changes. You begin to see things clearly and be aware of your own energies.