Personal Purification MeditationPersonal Purification Meditation

Personal purification meditation is a way to cleanse the spirit of negative energy. Sometimes this energy comes from the way we react to outside situations. For a lot of us, negative energy comes from our own thoughts. Regardless of where the energy comes from, or how it got there, this exercise can help us let it go.

Cleansing Water

Water is a natural cleansing agent. In the meditation exercise I guide the reader through a beautiful bath in crystal clear water. The crystal clear water is symbolic for act of meditation itself. Just to be aware is the beginning of change, so when the action of moving forward into a solution occurs, mountains move. The water is a way to envision yourself becoming clean and pure from toxic energy, while the healing actually comes from within.

Daily Meditation

The cool thing about meditation is that you can stop and breathe any time you feel the need. It is important to stay mindful of the opportunities that you have throughout the day to meditate. If for some reason you rush out of the door and into a heavy workload there is always a chance for you to take a moment to merely breathe. The book talks about being able to practice this particular exercise at any time. It is easy to sit still and envision yourself being submerged into a cleansing crystal bath of water. Simply envision the bath, and urge yourself to feel the bad energy fade away from your mind. Although the anger, fear, or whatever it is you are feeling might come right back – in that moment you will find solace and allow your body to relax. In the end, it is only the present moment that we have anyway. Make it the best you can by allowing freedom to enter your thoughts.