Self-Healing Meditation

Self-healing meditation is essential for those of us who live stressful lives. Spending whole days stressed out and full of anxiety is rough on the body and the spirit. Taking a few moments to breathe and focus on the present moment is a fantastic way to relieve stress. When we give our bodies a break from the stress, we allow our healing energy to come forth and do it’s job. If we live in nonacceptance of the situations that face us we cause ourselves a lot of grief. Taking a moment to accept everything as the way it is can change our whole perspectives.

The BreathSelf-Healing Meditation

Breathing correctly is very important. Many people are so involved with jobs, tasks, life, and whatever that they don’t even pay attention to the way they are breathing. If you sit for a moment and contemplate your breaths, what do you discover? Are your breaths short and shallow? Do you breath quickly, or slowly? In order to practice effective self-healing meditation the breath has to be right. Throughout your day make it a point to become aware of the way you are breathing. Take a moment to slow down and take some deep, meaningful breaths. This is one way to make a huge difference in the way you feel. With the right breath, the healing begins.


I don’t want to give the impression that any kind of meditation magically heals all ailments. Some illnesses and injuries are not meant to be overcome. Every human on this planet is subject to death. Each of our bodies has a certain amount of time before it expires. Although self-healing meditation is very powerful, it is not always the will of God for a person to be healed in a physical manner. Self-healing can be seen in a spiritual light as well. When we dive within and tap into the powers of the universe we join hands with an unseen world that we do not understand. Things that happen do not always make sense to us, however, they make perfect sense to the bigger picture.

Be Kind to Yourself

Being kind is a form of self-healing. My book, The Healing Power Within, provides several guided meditation exercises. Each exercise is designed to draw attention from the outside world to the power that resides in each of our spirits. When you take a moment to focus on the healing power within yourself, you direct your attention to the life force that keeps you in motion. Self-healing meditation is a way to be kind to yourself that ripples out into the community around you. The way you act shows other people a glimpse of their own opportunities to connect with their own healing power and to look within.