Kindness MeditationKindness Meditation

In my book, The Healing Power Within, I provide an amazing exercise that focuses on kindness meditation. The exercise is more of a way of life than merely a meditation session. In a sense, this way of life is a lot like practicing Karma Yoga where all that you do is live in a way that serves humanity. When we go out of our ways to be kind to others we are giving humanity a precious gift. The gift of ourselves. When we give of ourselves, we give ourselves love as well.

Practice Kindness

Not everybody is naturally kind. If you are one of these people, I understand. I have to push myself to to the kind thing often. Being kind to others is not my default mode. I spent a lot of years surviving, and I got pretty good at it. Kindness was never one of my strengths. This is why I say practice kindness.  Unless you have super powers, you most likely will not be kind to everybody all of the time. When you feel the most unkind, is probably the best time to be mindful about it and practice being kind, even when you don’t feel kind. After time, the pathways in the brain tend to connect more towards doing the kind thing instead of reacting in an unkind manner. Dead is the lie that we are stuck with our old ways. Thanks to a bunch of passionate scientists, and some great discoveries, we now know that it is possible to rewire our brains into a better way of thinking. Being kind not only helps us become kinder people, it also heals us from past hurts and negative thinking patterns.