Forgiveness MeditationForgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness meditation is essential in the process of truly forgiving anybody, including yourself. The meditation exercise in this book is a powerful tool that will allow you to heal. By being able to look at your assailant in a different light you can bring closure to your wounded spirit.

Forgive for YOU

Forgiving the person who hurt you is not for his or her benefit. The benefits of forgiveness are all for you. No matter what the person has done, there is no good to come from hating them. Any negative emotion that you feel only hurts you. It does not harm the other person at all if you walk around full of anger because of what they did to you. All of the anger and hatred reside within your heart.  You suffer, not them. You may be able to justify all of the hatred you feel towards them, but justifying it does not heal you. It only continues to flow within your heart with purpose, as you continue to feel bitterness. This bitterness will end up coming out and hurting people that you care about through acts of your own anger.


Regardless of what you have done in the past, if you carry on with the pain from it you will end up hurting other people again. You may not realize it, but when you don’t like yourself, you can’t hide it. One way or another the hatred you feel inside will creep out and cause harm to other people. If you hate yourself so much that you can’t find it in your own heart to let it go, maybe you should consider forgiving yourself for the sake of other people. It is selfish to indulge in self-hatred because it causes pain to others. That ugly anger has a way of forcing its way into situations when you least expect it. It causes aggression and unnecessary negative passion. Often when in anger we say things that we don’t mean. Unfortunately after we say them, all we can do is apologize. We can never take the words back. This only adds more guilt, and self-hatred. This is an ongoing viscous cycle that does not heal unless addressed.